Saturday, October 15, 2005

Subtitles for Video Files

For the past two day i am working on module that enables subtitles for normal video files (i.e. AVI and etc). Initially i wonder how i am going to enable subtitle text for video files but after seeing the subtitle text files (SRT, SUB and etc) i really made it easily.
These files are nothing but ASCII files but in some format. For example SRT is one of the subtitle format file which usually contains the start time, end time and the subtitle text. Some formats are more easy than other. The only variation to this VobSub. VobSub is nothing but the ripping for subtitles from DVD. So usually it is in the format of bitmaps. I think this requires a little bit work to incorperate in our player. But today i finished the SRT subtitle file format somehow and waiting for bugs reports.

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