Sunday, December 09, 2007

Problem with internationalized(gettext) application

I was trying to install "Word of Padman" on my laptop which runs Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. I downloaded 500+mb of file "" and ran it. It verified the package and shows the installation wizard but no text in any of controls in the dialog. I made a post in Ubuntu forum and also mailed World of Padman support people but didn't get any reply. So I started troubleshooting myself. First of all the ".run" is made by makeself and the installation wizard written in gtk and glade. I also found that the installer is using gettext for internationalization. Then I did a strace on the installer and found that its trying to open binary file) for my locale which is "en_IN". Since there is no language file( for my locale it shows all gtk controls without any text.

So I changed my language temporarily(export LANG="en_US") and relaunched the installer. Now everything is fine, all controls shows proper text. I faced the same problem in Tremulous installer so now I am happy I can install Tremulous too.

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