Sunday, November 25, 2012

Executing plink from non-interactive shell

Today I had a requirement to launch plink.exe(a command-line interface to the PuTTY back ends) from a C# code and this code can run as Windows service or from an ASP.NET application. I accomplished the task with the following code
The above line launches the plink program which I can see running in TaskManager but for some reason it is not connecting with the remote host. After some google search and experimentation with plink I finally found the reason why it is waiting and not connecting with the remote program.

Actually the plink was launched in non-interactive shell(as it is launched from Windows service/ASP.NET) and it runs under SYSTEM/ASP.NET user account. As we don't usually run plink in these user accounts plink sees the remote host's certificate as new unauthorized certificate and asking us to authorize it. As it is non-interactive shell we don't see the console and the authorization request.

After finding this I found that launching plink from another batch file with the following command line automatically answers "yes" to the plink's certificate authorization request and plink successfully able to execute the commands on remote host.
echo yes | C:\path\to\plink.exe {parameters}


Anonymous said...

Hello Siva,

this topic really helped me, I saved a lot of time, thx! Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Siva,

Could you please post the whole code? It would be a great help!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I was about to give up!