Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pure CMake based bin2h implementation

I had been writing CMake build script for a project that requires converting few files into C/C++ headers so that the content of those files can be embedded in the output binary.

I could've done this by executing an external bin2h program to do the conversion. But as it is a cross-platform application I need to depend on platform specific bin2h programs. A widely used approach for this is to include bin2h source in the project code base and compile it on the target platform then use the resultant executable for the bin2h conversion.

I didn't want to include the source bin2h in my project and compile it on-demand. I was thinking there should be a CMake command/function/module to do this in cross-platform way but I couldn't find anything.

So I started writing a pure CMake based bin2h implementation and end up with the following. The following module provides a CMake function "BIN2H" that can be used to convert any files into C/C++ header file. We need to specify the source file, header file and the C/C++ variable name that points to the raw bytes of the source file content. We can also specify the optional parameter 'APPEND' to append to the header file instead of overwriting and the optional parameter 'NULL_TERMINATE'  to terminate the raw bytes array with null byte.

I hope it will be useful to others.

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