1. Rust Coreutils - Muliple contributions to Rust implementation of GNU coreutils. PRs
  2. TermEmulator - A pure python module for emulating V100 terminal. PyPI
  3. bin2h.cmake - Pure CMake function to convert any file into C/C++ header, implemented with only CMake commands.
  4. log4cplus - FEATURE: Support for Log4J UDP appender. Patch, Commit
  5. gst-libav - BUGFIX: Setting same caps resets decoder. Bug, Commit
  6. udt-tunnel - A command-line app to tunnel TCP through UDT and vice-versa.
  7. libs3 - BUGFIX: OSX build error due to uint64_t format string incompatibility. PR, Commit
  8. dcp_inspect - Dockerized version of Digital Cinema Package(DCP) deep inspect tool. Docker Image
  9. asdcplib-tools - Dockerized version of Digital Cinema Package(DCP) tools. Docker Image
  10. OdsToNLog - OdsToNLog is a very simple program which captures Win32 OutputDebugString messages and converts them into NLog log messages.