XML Schema Validation using Xerces-C++

Recently I’ve been writing some serious implementation in Xerces-C++, Xml-Security-C++ and OpenSSL. I planned to share my experience in a series of posts. In this post I am going to show how can we validate a XML against its schema using Xerces-C++. To demonstrate the schema validation I am going... [Read More]
Tags: c-cpp xml

A simple TCP redirector in Python

A very simple TCP redirector written in python as an experiment. It redirects any data sent to local port’s to a target host, port. It acts as a bridge between local port and the target host, port pair. You can run it by specifying a local port, target host and... [Read More]
Tags: python

FreeType 2 Caching

Recently I found that FreeType 2 has support for caching. Previously I used to cache myself in custom data structure in order to avoid rendering glyph every time. But this new caching mechanism provides robust way of caching rendered glyph. It also helps us to cache other things like char... [Read More]
Tags: embedded c-cpp

Backtracing in ARM through code

Recently I found a way to do backtrace from code in ARM processor. On a normal processor glibc itself provides a function called backtrace using which we can do backtracing, resolving symbol names and etc. But my glibc (ver 2.95.3) doesn’t support this, so I thought of writing my own... [Read More]
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